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Data Migration

Quivr transfers all of your data from your current CRM to the Quivr Ecosystem in less than one week.


With guidance from the community and the Quivr team, fully customize your workflows, procedures, task templates, deliverables, and operation systems.

Kick Butt

Prepare for meetings in minutes, launch workflows in seconds, automate your business, and get your life back.

Quivr Community

Learn, Collaborate, and Grow with a community purpose-built for real financial planners, just like you.

Meet The Founders

Steve Drost - CFA, CFP®️

Steve is a nationally recognized financial planner with a passion for operations and an obsession for efficiency. A father of two young boys, the goal when launching his firm was to provide for his family while having as much time with his wife and children as possible. Quivr was the tool that accomplished that goal and our purpose is to spread this with others.

Ryan Drost - CTO

Ryan is Steve's older brother, and Code Monkey / Nerd that has been programming since he rigged his TI-89 to do his math homework in high school. Ryan has spent nearly two decades building custom software for startups, Fortune 500s, and everything in between.


"Since adopting Quivr, I've saved myself at least 2-3 hours of administrative work per week, and I now leverage my assistant way more than I previously was. Projects like client deliverables are also taking half as much time."

- Eric Nelson, CFP, CEPA
Owner at Independence Wealth in New Jersey

"Out-of-the-box Quivr is so much more powerful than what we previously used and has led to us providing a better planning experience while creating significant operational efficiencies. And the Community - It's a wealth of knowledge making everyone better and the Quivr team answers questions quickly and make product enhancements that we actually ask for."

- Steven Schoenberger, CFP, JD
Owner at Open Door Financial in Minneapolis

"Our office is super excited about using Quivr because we finally have an infrastructure the supports the way we work. The Meeting and Planning Modules keep all of our data organized so that it's actually useable. It's simple to use and clean looking, while still having cool bells and whistles that other CRMs don't have"

- Gina Mayclin
Operations Manager at Cipolla Financial Advisors in California

Quivr is headquartered in Minnesota